Getting Started

Before your child's first visit you must complete steps 1-3 below, but for step 4 you have 30 days after the first visit to complete it.

1. Fill out our online registration form

Click the link below to open a new window to begin the registration process. Contact us to let us know you've completed it, and then we can activate your account in our system. Once activated you are able to make reservations if you’d like. Reservations aren’t mandatory but are highly suggested whenever possible. You may call or text us at 760-936-6722 to let us know you've registered online and to make reservations. Texting is preferred when possible.

2. Fill out the admission packet

In addition to the above online registration, you also have to fill out a paper copy of our admission packet. It is available as a PDF through the link below, or you may pick up a paper copy in person. You  will need to fill out one copy for each child (for the PDF, print a copy after filling it out for the first child, then change the pertinent information for the 2nd child and print another copy, etc). Bring the completed and signed forms on your first visit, or plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out the paperwork in person.

3. Bring proof of vaccinations

If your child is not yet enrolled in public school you may bring the yellow immunization card or a print-out from the doctor's office on your child's first visit. School-age children do not need this.

4. Have doctor fill out Physician's Report

This form isn’t required for school-age children, but if your child is not yet enrolled in public school you must have your child's doctor fill out a Physician's Report (form LIC 701). However, it’s ok for your child to visit us while you wait for the doctor’s office to fill it out since you have 30 days to return it to us once your child starts attending. You may download the PDF at the link below, or obtain a paper copy from us in person.

Your First Visit

Here's what to expect:

  • Our door is always locked, so please ring the doorbell and an employee will let you in the lobby area

  • You will sign each child in on the clipboard at the front desk - let us know if you will be purchasing lunch or dinner from us so we can make a note in our system

  • Each child will be given a wristband to wear with their name, age, and any allergies they may have

  • Each child will be given a cubby with their name on it to put their personal belongings such as backpacks, jackets, shoes/socks, blankets, diapers, etc. - please bring a change of clothes if your child is young enough to possibly have potty accidents

  • If you brought a water bottle or lunch box, please label it (we have permanent markers if needed). Please no peanut products, we are a peanut-free school!

  • An employee will let the children into the main play area (children aren't allowed to open gates or the front door on their own)

  • You're free to go! We'll take care of the kids until it's time to go home!

  • Please always have your photo ID ready to be checked at pick-up (must be a parent or someone on the authorized pick-up list)

  • You pay at the end of your visit when you sign your children out, and it is pro-rated to the minute, so you only pay for the time you actually use